Course outline

Cosmetic Penile Augmentation Surgery Training Course 

Presenter Alexander A. Krakovsky MD, PhD, DrSc, FAAPS

This two day course covers:

  • Patient Selection
  • Risk Management
  • Anesthesia
  • Techniques of AlloDerm┬« Preparation
  • AlloDerm Insertion
  • Glanular enhancement with AlloDerm
  • Penile augmentation surgery using AlloDerm
  • Anatomy and Surgery
  • Ante ultrices eget

    Note: Life phalloplasty surgery observation is available upon request

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This course represents the first educational objectives of the state-of-the-art in phalloplasty surgery, aesthetic male genital surgery, and post phalloplasty surgery using up-to-date surgical techniques for penile augmentations and reconstructions.

This course provides participants with practical and useful information for accomplishing the following learning objectives:

Patient Selection

  • Understand current concepts of patient selection for penile augmentation surgery.
  • Use appropriate techniques for patient evaluation, diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Understand anatomical considerations regarding regional anatomy.
  • Apply the Penis Image Assessment Scale as a guideline for patient selection.
  • Make appropriate patient selection for the various combinations of penile augmentation surgery.

Risk Management

  • Understand the varieties of causes that put the surgeon at risk in the penile enlargement surgery business.
  • Understand the significance of potential risks.
  • Apply awareness of potential risk to the individual patient.
  • Understand use of psychological evaluation before penile augmentation surgery.
  • Develop preventive measures to avoid frivolous malpractice lawsuits.
  • Establish patient-physician trust; build the patient-physician relationship; establish a safe and confidential environment.
  • Access the database of medical complications associated with cosmetic penile augmentation surgery.
  • Identify potential pre-and post-surgical complications.
  • Develop a risk reduction strategy using Medical Protective Shield.
  • Determine the necessity for back-up and on-call consultation with difficult cases.
  • Use available case monitoring and supervisory services after completing the course.
  • Obtain malpractice insurance for phalloplasty surgery.
  • Understand the importance of preoperative consents and the necessity for documentation before and after penile augmentation surgery.
  • Prepare informed consents for penile augmentation surgery that include, but are not limited to, abstinence from sexual activity until complete healing, avoidance of strenuous exercise or contact sports, etc.
  • Obtain samples of informed consent documents.
  • Practice management procedures that increase productivity.


  • Understand anesthetic techniques for penile augmentation surgery.
  • Recognize the potential value of a complete penile block during penile augmentation surgery.

Techniques of AlloDerm® Preparation

  • Use AlloDerm graft preparation techniques for penile shaft augmentation.
  • Use AlloDerm graft preparation techniques for penile glanular augmentation.

Allograft Insertion

  • Understand the technique of AlloDerm insertion.
  • Understand the preferred position of the graft under the skin of the penis for shaft augmentation.
  • Understand the preferred position of the graft inside the glans of the penis for glanular augmentation.

Glanular enhancement with AlloDerm

  • Understand the concept of independent glanular enhancement.
  • Create grafts for independent glanular enhancement surgery using AlloDerm.

Penile augmentation surgery using AlloDerm

  • Understand single penile widening augmentation technique.
  • Understand single penile glanular augmentation technique.

Anatomy and Surgery

  • Understand the anatomy of the penis.
  • Understand the penile lengthening concept of incising fundiform, suspensory and collateral ligaments at the base of the penis.
  • Understand the concepts of stretched penis and erect penis.
  • Recognize the necessity of an aesthetic penis in penile augmentation surgery.
  • Understand the anatomy of the glans of the penis.
  • Understand the pros and cons of suture selection in penile augmentation surgery.
  • Understand how to use various suture techniques for graft construction.
  • Understand the principle of implantation and suturing of the graft with the penis on stretch.
  • Understand the practical choice of penile size in single, dual and triple penile augmentation surgery.
  • Understand critical aspects of pre-operative and post-operative patient education.
  • Understand medical management methods following penile augmentation surgery, including the use of erection control medications.
  • Understand the concept and techniques of penile stretching physiotherapy following penile augmentation.
  • Understand the value of long-term follow up.